Who We Are

Miraicure is an India-based Private Limited Company with excellence in RCM business process and years of experience in medical coding, billing, and denial management services. MiraiCure assures a step ahead of the future in RCM Services for hospital sectors nationally, further widespread in the United States of America.

Our Mission

Having years of experience in Medical RCM, alongside Qualified Employees, Certified Coders, IT & Data Security Team, MiraiCure successfully engaged approachable and value-for-money services to hospitals and medical sectors. Working with the leaders in the Medical Industry and partnering with emerging companies, our mission is to serve potential consumers, Hospitals, Doctors, and Physicians nationwide.

Our Vision

A medical billing service can increase revenue for your practice by identifying revenue opportunities. Our vision is to serve medical organizations with state-of-the-art RCM technology and experienced human expertise and explore more revenue opportunities.

Why Hire Us

Imporved Patient Experience

Outsourcing RCM Services to MiraiCure helps take care of day-to-day activities like coding & billing, medical transcription, billing, and reimbursements while keeping a check towards compliances. This enables healthcare professionals to focus more on building patient experience and improve patient revenue and cash flows.

Guranteed Cost Reduction

Settling and establishing a reliable back-office team for RCM services in the US can cost you a fortune while paying the minimum wage rate to every employee. Whereas partnering with MiraiCure can effectively reduce the operation cost by 75% by providing them with an efficient back office team with quality assurance and guaranteed revenue improvement.

Experienced Expertise

MiraiCure, with years of successful process transition experience and deep domain expertise, our company ensures 100% client satisfaction and significantly improves productivity while increasing accuracy and reduce the processing time cycle.

Streamlined Patient Processing

Outsourcing your billing needs to an experienced company like MiraiCure, increase patient revenue by as much as 10-12 percent. With MiraiCure you can now streamline your patient billing experience using softwares over most-utilized platforms.

Secure Data Handling

Maintaining client privacy and data security,with latest technology to work ensures high-performance standards combined with breach-proof data security. MiraiCure has formed out of a desire to create a Billing and RCM Company with the poise to deliver quality services.

Denials Handled with Accuracy

Processing healthcare denials are complex. MiraiCure back-office team maximizes efficiency while handling denials by thoroughly investigating the income lost and accurately processing denied claims alongside increasing overall performance and generating higher revenue and cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Billing regulations tend to be complex and fast-evolving in the healthcare industry. MiraiCure keep up with up to date rules, regulations, and requirements to maximize client revenue by minimizing cost and improving productivity. Outsourcing your medical billing requirements to MiraiCure, and gain more time to concentrate on your patients and healthcare practices.

There is no time binding contracts with MiraiCure and its group of services. You are free to cancel at any time.

MiraiCure makes use of any method convenient for your practice. For example, mail or courier service, fax, email, or web-based programs (All secure protocols with HIPPA Compliance)

Billing is routinely submitted within 24 hours.

We never collect an initial set up cost from our clients.

Turnaround time can be as early as two weeks toward electronic claims(Depending on your current contract terms with the payer).

MiraiCure bills with a percentage based on what is collected every month. We bill the client/company at the end of every month. Our pricing is competitive and varies based on the size of your practice and the scope of services delivered.