Hospitals and providers have little time to save on restorative accounts receivable collections so they still rely on patient treatment. Many hospital practitioners have a substantial number of old accounts receivable for medical care that are being permitted to age as new medical cases are being treated.

With hectic schedules and strict deadlines, hospitals lack the time, proficiency, competency, and knowledge to manage certain medical claims. Because of poor handling of hospital accounts receivable, these health providers ultimately lose out on claims.

Miraicure's clinical charging and coding specialists and follow-up faculty serve as an extension of the corporate office to ensure full efficiency and support from your venture through unique work process ingenuity and computerization.

A faulty AR system can lead to:

  • Longer turnaround time for pavements of claim
  • Loss or Delay of payments
  • High Denial rates
  • Huge amount of backlogs

Miraicure Advantage:

  • A thorough research of accounts and claim denials to determine a suitable action plan.
  • Constantly looking for trends in codes, policies, or other global issues and reporting on them promptly.
  • Check all accounts with balances that are more than 60 days past due to ensure that action is being taken to address problems.
  • Reduce the turnaround time for payments of a claim.
  • Decrease the operational cost of the practice by at least 35%.
  • Timely follow-up on all pending claims.
  • Constant tracking of all pending receivable.
  • Easily accessible progress reports maintained and shared with the client for their reference.
  • Increase in the recovery rate of all outstanding payments in the market and thus increasing the revenue in the process.